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You are 3 clicks away from it!

1.Select PAGANITS Paga+Tarde

When you get to the Checkout, choose PAGANITS Paga+Tarde as payment method

2.Choose instalments

Decide in how many instalments (up to 12) do you want to finance your purchase

3.Confirm the payment

Verify your info and instalments, and after the response the first instalment will be charged on your card.

Financing with PAGANITS Paga+Tarde up to 12 months in Spain, and in Italy and France (up to 3 instalments):

It is a very flexible payment method for the client. You can pay your purchase up to 12 months in convenient instalments with PAGANITS Paga+Tarde, the fastest and easiest online shopping platform, without paperwork and with an immediate response of the financing approval

The service is available for private and self-employed (no enterprises).

PAGANITS Paga+Tarde is a payment entity regulated by the Bank of Spain which belongs to Digital Origin Group national pioneer in instantaneous credit to consumer, which does not transfer the management to any other enterprise.

The national cards admitted by means of PAGANITS Paga+Tarde will be exclusively debit cards (no credit card admitted). You can only pay your first instalment by credit card, and then you will have to change it to a national debit card. In order to do so, you have to access 'My account' ( with your ID and password. Click on 'Your cards' and then on 'Add card'.. allows you to finance your purchase up to 12 months, regardless its value. Paga+Tarde will study each operation during the application process of the credit, approving or denying the financing in the same moment, without waiting and paperwork. has no control over the approving or denying process of the financing applications. The responsible of the credit is Paga+Mas Tarde.

In order to facilitate the approval of your financing we recommend you to make sure that all your data is true and correct. If the information on the debit card does not match with the data of the person that applies for the credit and/or with the data of the person which does the purchase, the financing might not be approved.


How to finance your purchase on

  1. Make your purchase as usual, choose the item you want and click on BUY
  2. Choose as Payment Method: Financing: Pay in installments with PAGANITS Pay + Tarde. Finish the purchase by clicking on 'Place order' and wait for the PAGANITS Pay + Tarde platform to load.
  3. Complete the required information, choose the installments in which you want to finance your purchase, review the financing conditions and pay your first installment with your “debit card”.
  4.  Entering card information.
  5.  It will automatically redirect you to where you can see the generated order number. You will also receive an email confirming and indicating the purchase details.
  6.  Our Logistics Department will send your order within the delivery period you have chosen by the usual transport agency.
  7.  The remaining fees payable will be charged monthly to your debit card.

What are the financing conditions?

The financing conditions are established by PAGANITS Paga + Tarde, a financial company that stands out for its transparency.

At all times you will be informed of the amount you will pay in each installment, as well as the interest rate (APR) that will affect your credit and the total amount you will pay. All fees are fixed and equal to each other, avoiding unpleasant surprises. There are also no additional charges or commissions of any kind. You will only pay the amounts indicated in the installments you have chosen.

During the application process for financing PAGANITS Pay + Tarde allows you to download the contractual conditions of the credit and send it to you by email.


How do I pay my installments?


First installment: The first installment will be charged after entering your bank card details in the last step of your financing application.

Next installments: PAGANITS Pay + Tarde will automatically load your monthly payments on the card you provide.



Since when can I repay or advance my monthly payments?


One day after the approval of the financing you can already repay or advance your fees.



What happens if I return the product that I purchased?


Do not worry, the process will be the same as a normal return. We will refund all of your money so far and the outstanding capital will be canceled.


What happens if my application is denied?

If unfortunately your application is denied, you must click on ‘Go back to store’ and select another payment method in order to complete the purchase.


Do you need to contact with PAGANITS Paga+Tarde?

You can contact with them by phone in the customer service department (0034 937 065 139) or by email at  facturació


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